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Sports equipment rental

No matter what kind of sport you decide to do, the hotel Try Syny ta Donka 4 * will always help you with this. You can try yourself at a variety of sports by ordering the rental equipment.

You can rent:

Bicycles • Kick scooters for children • Run bikes

Cycling with Try Syny ta Donka 4 *, in Skhidnytsia, can become your favorite activity. After all, in addition to health benefits, you will get a wonderful charge of energy and positivity, breathing crystal clear mountain air and admiring the beauty of the Carpathian mountains.

Scooters are a great way to keep your child busy while walking around the resort. Children may find the usual hike to the spring or a walk near the hotel boring, and the kick scooter will be good entertainment for your child and help you enjoy a comfortable family vacation.

Running bike for children will be a great way to instill in your child a love of sports. A small bicycle without pedals, which moves by kicking off the ground, will be a great "friend" for your baby, giving him freedom of movement. In addition to entertainment functions, cycling helps the child to develop the correct posture and sense of balance.

Segways • gyroscooters

Segways • gyroscooters

Segways • gyroscooters


Tobogganing will definitely bring you a lot of ​​positive emotions and turn your vacation into an unforgettable mountain adventure. In Skhidnytsia you can feel this pleasure to the fullest, admiring the snow-capped mountain slopes.

Перетворіть звичну прогулянку в спортивне заняття, взявши в руки палиці для скандинавської ходьби. Таким чином Ви зможете не лише милуватись карпатською природою, але й приносити чималу користь своєму здоров’ю. Результатом регулярних занять неодмінно стане чудове самопочуття, відмінна фізична форма та гармонійний і піднесений настрій.

Пропозиція підходить для гостей будь-якого віку, незалежно від погодних умов.

Катання на санчатах

Катання на санчатах неодмінно принесе Вам море позитиву та перетворить Ваш відпочинок у незабутню гірську пригоду. У Східниці Ви можете відчути цю насолоду сповна, милуючись гірськими засніженими схилами.

Children will get a lot of fun from sledding, because here, in the mountains, winter is special. You, adults, will feel it too because you will be able to immerse yourself in childhood and ride on the mountain slopes with children without any care.


Pedometers will help you walk with benefit.

Thanks to them, you will know the number of steps you have taken and will be able to cover the required number of kilometers every day for good health. It is much easier to plan your activity with a pedometer because you can see not only the distance traveled but also the load and the number of calories burned.

Chess • Checkers • Backgammon

For those who like quiet intellectual games, chess, checkers or backgammon are perfect.

Each of these games will help you have a good time. If you play these games in nature, enjoying the incredible beauty of the Carpathians, the benefits will be many times greater. And the results can pleasantly impress you because among the pure mountain nature you think much better.