Clinical and biochemical laboratory

Rapid and quality laboratory diagnostics helps to find a disease and start correct, early and effective treatment.

"Vlado" Medical Center Clinical and Biochemical Laboratory is characterized by its quality, accuracy and speed. We do all necessary clinical tests to have an accurate diagnosis.

The Laboratory uses advanced medical technologies and modern devices, making test results more accurate.

The quality of tests is provided by:

latest high-tech European equipment;

quality reagents and chemistry products from the world's leading manufacturers;

quality control system, using certified control materials;

well-qualified medical personnel.

Due to qualification of our staff Your test results are always high-accuracy.

"Vlado" Medical Center specialists use only one-use tools for laboratory tests. We control every step at all stages of laboratory examination.

All previous information is stored in medical archives to guarantee the validity of results and tests.

Tests panel:

·biochemical blood test;

cytologic tests;

parasitologic tests;

infectious diseases diagnostics;

hormonal diagnostics;


·hemostasis parameters (coagulogram);

immunological tests and  і autoimmunology;

genetical tests;

allergic tests.

Autoimmune diseases and allergies

Genetic procedures