Baths and saunas

«Try Syny ta Don'ka» 5* SPA-center has a great variety of saunas (baths). You can try nine kinds of saunas of several countries while resting in our Hotel Complex. You can have a little trip around the world without going outside the Hotel and enjoy with individual characteristics each of the saunas.

Temperature regime in each of the saunas is varying and fits for every Guest. You can relax, recover, clean pores, and nourish skin with aroma oils or just to destress there.

Variety of saunas

Variety of saunas (baths): Roman steam room, Russian bath, Finnish salt sauna, phyto sauna (aroma), yeast sauna, kraksen (hay sauna), shower of impressions, infrared sauna, Turkish hamam.

Roman steam room is one of the most popular. 100% humidity promotes strong sweating, pores cleaning. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins from the body.

Russian classical bath is made from eco-materils (wood walls and wood benches). For the better effect it is recommended to move, knead muscles or be massaged with sauna twigs. It is also useful to pour with cold water after this bath.

Finnish sauna has a salt panel to fill the air with iodine, calcium and other trace elements. The air is filled with dry steam and the temperature rises to 105⁰C. This sauna is useful for respiratory system and has excellent cosmetic effect.

Phyto-sauna helps just to relax and enjoy the aroma. Essential oils are steaming while heating.  You can destress, calm tension and improve overall health there.

Yeast sauna is low-temperature (40⁰С - 50⁰С). Its air is full of brewers yeast steam. That is very good for catarrhal diseases and immunity improvement. It is useful to combine cosmetic procedures with such a sauna.

Kraksen (hay sauna) has hay inserts on walls. These are dried Carpathians herbs. 45⁰С temperature air comes through the herbs and full sauna with wild herbs aroma. It helps to relax and improve overall health.

Shower of impressions is often used after high-temperature saunas. Pouring with cold water after sauna improves blood circulation, good health, body energy and liveliness.

Infrared sauna is intended for 3-4 people. Infrared heaters are mounted in walls and under benches. They heat up the temperature to 60⁰C. You can visit such a sauna every day, and You need less time to achieve the nessecary effect that after other saunas.

Turkish sauna (hamam) has the lowest air temperature of 40⁰С - 45⁰С. It is optimum for those who cannot withstand other saunas temperature conditions. Hamam can be combined with cosmetic procedures, massage or shower.

Consult and discuss with a doctor the possible risks before visiting saunas.