About complex

Welcome to the «Try Syny ta Don'ka » 5* Hotel Complex.

Skhidnytsia resort is situated among the picturesque hillsides of Carpathians. This is the place where you can find a unique mix of beautiful nature, mountains, crystal-clear air and curative mineral springs.

«Try Syny ta Don'ka» 5* Hotel Complex is situated among the majestic forests of Carpathians. Welcome all who wants to be away from city bustle and enjoy clear mountain nature energy.

«Try Syny ta Don'ka» 5* became an improved version of «Try Syny ta Don'ka» 4* Hotel. It has a leading position among other hotels, demonstrating elegance and originality to its Guests.

«Try Syny ta Don'ka» 5* has all facilities for Your good rest, treatment and entertainments. We offer 173 suites, which provides comfort and cozy atmosphere.

Comfortable rooms, professional and high quality treatment, excellent service and huge number of services will provide Your excellent rest in «Try Syny ta Don'ka» 5*. Moreover, a picturesque view over mountains and spring waters will help Your recovery.